Harald Harmuth, a distinguished professor of Chutian scholar, donated Felix Trojer Award Fund

时间:2018-09-27  浏览:10

On September 20, 2018, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Harald Harmuth, a special professor of Chutian Scholars, donated 150,000 yuan to the University to set up the Felix Trojer Award Fund to reward individuals or groups who have made outstanding contributions to promoting scientific and cultural exchanges between the two universities.

The donation ceremony and the first award ceremony were held in the conference room of the College of Materials and Metallurgy, presided over by Vice President Jiang Jing. Gu Huazhi, Dean of the Institute of Materials and Metallurgy, Fu Jianghao, director of personnel, Li Yawei, Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology Development, Liu Yujia, alumni work and external liaison office, Han Bingqiang, director of inorganic non-metallic materials engineering, and Professor Jin Shengli of the Austrian Leoben University of Mining and Technology attended the ceremony on behalf of the two sides. At the donation ceremony, there were representatives from both China and Austria.

President Gu Huazhi introduced the origin and purpose of the Felix Trojer Award Fund, thanked Professor Harmuth for his generous donation and presented the donation certificate to Professor Harmuth (Professor Jin Shengli took it in his place); a live video of Professor Harmuth's speech was broadcast. Professor Jin Shengli has made outstanding contributions in promoting cooperation in running schools, joint research and exchange of student exchanges over the past 10 years. He is the first recipient of the Felix Trojer Award Fund and has been awarded an honorary certificate by the Director of Personnel, Fu Jianghao. Professor Kim Shengli thanked China and Austria for their affirmation of their work and said that he would continue to support and promote the deepening of cooperation between the two sides. President Li Yawei reviewed the development of Sino-Austrian cooperation, emphasized the important role of international cooperation in promoting the improvement of school-running level, expanding scientific research cooperation and enhancing the international influence of refractories in our school, and put forward expectations for further deepening and diversification of cooperation between the two sides in the future, and called on the younger generation to take an active part in it. And make new and greater contributions to promote bilateral cooperation and exchanges.