2018 National Annual Conference on refractories held in Wuhan

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Wuhan University Network News (correspondent Li Jingjie) September 15-17, 2018 National Refractories Annual Conference was held in Wuhan. The conference was jointly sponsored by the Refractory Branch of China Silicate Society, the State Key Laboratory of Refractory and Metallurgy, and the National Joint Research Center of High Temperature Materials and Furnace Lining Technology.

More than 350 experts and scholars from China Silicate Society Refractory Branch, China Metal Society Refractory Branch, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, scientific research institutes, universities, enterprises and other units attended the meeting. The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Li Yawei, President of the Institute of science and technology development of our university.

Liu Jing, vice president of our school, delivered a speech on behalf of the school to introduce the basic situation of our school. This year is the 120th anniversary of our school. Tan Fu, deputy secretary-general of China Silicate Society, congratulated the grand convening of the conference, thanked Wuhan University of Science and Technology for its long-term support for the work of China's Silicate Society, and wished the conference a complete success.

The conference organized 6 invited reports. Professor Jiang Dongliang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a report entitled Several Frontiers of Advanced Ceramic Materials around the future development direction and frontier technology of ceramic materials, and introduced the application of advanced ceramic materials in the aerospace field; Professor Zeng Jiaqing, Deputy Engineer of China Steel Research Technology Group Co., Ltd., introduced hot metal pre-preparation. The role of theory in steelmaking process is pointed out, and the new direction of green and intelligent development of steel industry is pointed out. Professor Li Yawei of our university, combining with the requirements and challenges of new steel smelting technology for refractories, introduces the recent years'refractory preparation, furnace design and performance evaluation technology of our university team and international counterparts. Research progress; Professor Arup Ghosh of the Central Institute of Glass and Ceramics of India introduced the general situation of research and industrial development of refractories in India in recent years; Professor Mohammad Bavand Vandchali of the Islamic Freedom University of Iran introduced the research work of his research team on the application of catalytic activation binders in magnesia-carbon refractories; and Professor Yuan Lin, refractory branch of China Silicate Society, introduced the application and development prospect of nuclear industrial waste in refractory field.

The conference also held 95 reports in three sub-sessions, covering basic research on refractories, refractory raw materials, application of refractories, advanced manufacturing technology of refractories, comprehensive utilization of refractories and advanced ceramic technology. The participants and the rapporteur conducted in-depth exchanges and interaction with a strong academic atmosphere.

Photo taken by delegates

This academic conference has won the strength of six units: Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute, Henan and Chengdu New Material Co., Ltd., Lengshuijiang Huake New Material Co., Ltd., Shandong Shengchuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Yiruishi (China) Aluminate Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Independent New Material Co., Ltd. Support.

During the meeting, the award ceremony of thick planting Award Fund was held. The Foundation is named after Professor Wang Houzhi, an old principal and doctoral supervisor of the School of Materials and Metallurgy. Her wife, Professor Lin Huishan, initiated the establishment of the Foundation in accordance with her wishes to improve the quality of students'training in the School of Materials and Metallurgy. A total of 1 million yuan was awarded for the outstanding papers at the National Thesis Conference held by the Institute. The award total of 20,000 yuan award fund was awarded to 10 students from universities and research institutes of the country who reported at the meeting and achieved outstanding results.