Kirill Andreev【荷兰】


Kirill Andreev博士现任塔塔钢铁(欧洲)耐火材料研究中心首席科学家,主要从事钢铁生产过程用耐火材料的应用优化工作,在耐火材料的高温力学行为,包括计算机模拟及将研究成果用于解决实践问题方面有较深造诣,在Journal of the European Ceramic Society 与 Ceramics International等知名期刊上发表相关学术论文25篇,并指导了数名研究生及实习生。当前焦点工作集中在耐火材料的循环疲劳损毁及预测方面。

 Dr. Kirill Andreev, At Tata Steel, in his role of a principal scientist at the Centre of Expertise Refractories, he is involved in developing the best Value in Use refractory linings for the iron and steel producing units. His main areas of expertise are the thermo-mechanical behavior of refractories, including computer modelling, and the application of the research results to the practical solutions. In these fields he has published some 25 articles and supervised a number of master projects and industrial internships.In particular, his current activities concentrate on the analysis and prediction of cyclic fatigue damage.


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